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About Me

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my site!  Although I completed my formal education in the areas of psychology and occupational therapy at the University of Alberta, my first love has always been art.  I enjoy singing, music, drawing and writing and try to do all on a semi-regular basis (when my busy toddler allows it!).  Having loved photography as a hobby for years, I finally realized I wanted to make it something I could share with others.


Rather than a studio, my sessions are on location outdoors or in your own home.  I look forward to hearing from you!


- Sarah Z.

Family Photography and Wedding Photographer Edmonton Alberta


Photography is an art. Professional Edmonton Family Photographer do it with a grace and charm while compared to the substandard others. Edmonton Wedding Photographer that you hire should be fitting in your budget expectations precisely. To make it happen in reality, you can ball around for price but not to compromise on the quality at any given day. Yes, it matters the most. At the end of the day the wedding album is going to be a reliable proof of the past on how you were at one point of time. Theyou here mean one and all of the members that attended the wedding event as such. Spending on quality Family Photography Edmonton  hire is a complete worth in that way.


Some of the packages are really attractive from the costs considerations. Wedding Photographer Edmonton Alberta that you choose should be affordable, and also equally well qualified to do the job to expectations. In fact, the editing part is the key which is to be done in a creative best manner. When you look into the videos finally you should be wondering at the best manner in which you people are portrayed there. Wedding Photographer Edmonton of the highly skilled kind can do it with ease.